Sunday, June 29, 2014

she put her hands above her head and made a heart

A few funnies:

One day this week my companion and I had a lunch and dinner appointment (always really hard because they give tons of food!) Because at lunch our investigator served us tons of meat and then our member took us to get mexican food my companion had some digestion problems...haha. We made frequent literal runs to the bathroom...and a miracle happened!! In the bathroom I met a girl who said she wanted to come to church and to meet with us! God puts people in our paths all the time--even in the bathroom!! :)

I realized something different about korea is how much garlic we eat! People buy cloves of garlic by the dozen--then just put them in a pan with some oil and eat them plain. Big chunks of garlic--it's actually delicious! 

We started teaching one of our grandpa member's wife this week and she is so cute! She was really excited about skin treatment she had made by herself--pickle juice with other unidentified things. She brought it out for us and had us pat it onto our faces--it was really sticky haha. 

As always, tons of miracles happened! 
I realize over and over again the importance of opening my mouth wherever I go. On the street my companion and I saw a girl a good distance ahead of us, so it would have been easy just to let her walk away, but we picked up our pace and talked to her. Turns out she was baptized into our church years ago! We got her number and are trying to set an appointment with her soon!

our investigator, 강소영 (kang-so-young), is doing great! She's very seriously considering being baptized. We found out this week that her husband doesn't want her to meet with us or have anything to do with the church, so that will be an obstacle, but she's progressing more and more and looks happier and happier each time we meet. keep her in your prayers! 

my awesome companion and eyes are closed, but I don't have a better picture :)One day we had no appointments, so we were trying to track down some inactive members in the area...none of them were home, but we went to one apartment complex and saw a lady sitting alone with her dog on a bench and felt like we should talk to her. We did and she told us she lives alone--she looked so sad! We sang her a hymn and she looked peaceful afterward. She gave us her address and wants us to come back to visit her! 

That same day we saw a really old grandma (maybe in her late 80s) sitting on a bench and she looked so sad, so we talked to her. We asked if we could sing a hymn for her and she said no because she just felt too much pain and was too sick. We sat down on either side of her and quietly started singing "I am a child of God" and then talked with her about her family, life, and about God. When we left there was such a huge difference in her--she hugged us when we left and even put her hands above her head and made a heart when we walked away. 

I love being a missionary! I get to have so many little precious moments like that and get to share and feel God's love for so many people and for me. 

I know this is God's work and that He is looking after all of His children. If we let Him, He will use us to bless others. We can be instruments in His hands. I know this gospel is true and that it changes people and lives.

have a great week!

Sister Naatjes :)

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