Monday, June 16, 2014

God sent us rain

It was another great week :) again so many amazing miracles! 

I forgot to write about how last week I ate 순대 (purple pig intestines) and loved them! I was actually excited to eat it. :) I'm becoming more and more Korean everyday. 

We had a zone activity where we played soccer today and Sister Simonsen was there :) It was super fun!
Last week I mentioned an investigator that ignored my calls for a month, but randomly called back--she is doing so well!!! Her name is 임희진 (eem-hee-jean). She's 25 and working. Both of her parents are 목사님들 (priests), but she has some problems with what they teach and has a lot of questions. She loves our church and that we can answer all of her questions about God and His plan. When I first met with her she really thought that God was scary and seemed unfair, but through learning about the plan of Salvation--especially that there isn't only Heaven and Hell, but 3 kingdoms of glory, she understands Him and is growing to trust Him. 

We met with her on Monday and answered many questions she had, then had a miracle on Tuesday. Sister Park, on Tuesday morning, studied something she really wanted to share with 임희진, but we didn't have another appointment until Saturday. We were riding the subway to go to a dinner appointment at a member's house and missed our stop...(the usual hehe). We were going to just walk to her house from there, but it randomly started pouring really hard. So we took the subway back to the correct stop. Hail started coming down, so tons of people were gathered underground in the station to escape the rain and hail, so we decided to talk to people there...and we saw 임희진 run down the stairs calling to us. She had had a hard day and was happy to see us. We invited her to our dinner appointment to eat with us and she came because our member's house was close and she wanted to get out of the rain! The streets were flooded, so we ran through the big puddles to get there. We had an amazing lesson and she loved the member we ate with. She said it was just what she needed. We were so grateful that God sent us rain :) 

Then we met with her again on Saturday! one of the other missionaries' investigators in Daejeon got baptized and she got to see it. She told us that she wants to get baptized! So many miracles! 

강소영 (kang-so-young) is doing great and seems happier and happier each time we meet her. She has a  lot of stress and was depressed, but she genuinely seems happy now. :) The gospel is so cool!

We got a new investigator this week who is SDA and knows the Bible super well and another who has been meeting us with her friend who is a leader of another church, so it's pretty crazy. I'm getting to study the Bible a lot more in depth, along with the Book of Mormon to answer their questions. I'm so amazed at how well they support each other each time. I love the scriptures--Bible and Book of Mormon. I'm so grateful for both. :)

Lately we've been running into so many people who want nothing to do with us--they even run away sometimes! I wish they could know how precious what I'm trying to share with them is and how much it could bless their lives. 

I know it's true and it blesses my life everyday.

God prepares miracles for us everyday. We are so young and weak and inadequate, but He truly works through His simple servants to do miracles! I love teaching of Christ all day everyday. I'm so grateful to be His missionary. I love Him with all my heart!

Have a great week! 

Sister Naatjes :)

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