Monday, January 27, 2014

call the police--yikes


Another great week! :) I just love being a missionary!

This week I went on splits with Sister 이다슬 and it was so fun! She came to Korea at the same time as me, so we're both in our third transfers. We went to the country part of our area to try to find former investigators and new people to teach. On the bus ride there, one of our members was on the bus! She's a really cute, old grandma. I decided to talk to a lady sitting in front of her and kept laughing as the grandma behind me kept piping-in about the Book of Mormon and our church. It was so awesome! She's a great missionary! :)

While we were in the country, we knocked on a door and I talked through the door and told the woman we were missionaries teaching about Jesus Christ. She was talking really loudly back, but I just kept talking for a little while...It wasn't until later that 이다슬 told me that they were telling us to go away or they would call the police--yikes haha. Good thing I still can't understand Korean!

Even though we get quite a bit of rejection, miracles happen everywhere! I get to testify of Christ and tell people my testimony everyday. Each time I do, it gets stronger. Lately, on the bus and on the street I have been focusing on prayer. So many people have never prayed before/don't even know how to! So I get to teach them how and then commit them to do it! It's awesome! Being a missionary is great!

This week, while we were meeting with 박양순, at the end of one of our lessons we thought she was going to tell us she was going to stop meeting with us. Luckily, she didn't and just expressed doubts, but I was amazed at how sad I was. I know how much this gospel could bless her life and I just want her to have the joy that I have! I started crying a little bit during the lesson...and then an American walked up to us (we teach 박양순 in her store). He talked to us about missionary work and wanted to meet again!
Here's the map we use to navigate. It's crazy!
I just love this gospel so much! I know that it's true! I love the Book of Mormon and I want to share it with everyone. I know it's true and it has blessed me so much!

We had another lesson with 이영님 and it was so great! We taught her about prophets and the Book of Mormon. She just wants to follow Jesus. She prayed for the second time that night and told us she was going to pray from that day on! It was such a special moment!

Last night we visited the Bishop and his family. I was in charge of sharing a message with them and was really nervous because my Korean is still super shaky! I was going to do Joseph Smith's first vision...when we showed up, another family from the ward was there, so I got even more nervous...then another couple showed up--we had a full room full! I was so nervous! But I did it! Through a miracle, I was able to teach the first vision by myself in Korean! The spirit was so strong in the room. God is truly helping me everyday!

I know that God is real and that when we pray to Him, He strengthens us. He helps me each and every day!

Love you all!!

Sister Naatjes :)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"I love Jesus."

What an incredible week!

This week I ate some crazy things as usual...probably the craziest was a fish with the scales still on it! ...and it wasn't too bad! I'm convinced God is blessing my taste buds because I don't think I could have eaten that before my mission :)

We walked through the 시장 (market with lots of fish and all that good stuff...) to find a member's house and we saw three huge pig heads on a platter--I wonder if people buy those to eat them? Pretty cool. 

A girl told me a little while ago that I had a small face--I thought Dad would get a kick out of that. I don't think I've been told that that before--I'm the daughter of Scott Naatjes! haha... In Korea, if you have a small face, it means you're pretty. They like small faces and really white skin. 

On Wednesday this week Sister King and I went to visit a member and forgot some records we needed at the house. We were bummed because we had to go back home, but God knew we were going to forget them because we had so many miracles on the way home! About 3 minutes after we turned around to walk back home, a man stopped us to advertise a special meditation class he does, but then after talking for a little while, he agreed to meet with us! Then we saw a little old grandma struggling with a really heavy statue. We helped her carry it home (up a huge hill--and it was heavy!) I'm so glad we saw her! It's amazing how the Lord is always putting people in our paths!

We met with a new investigator this week--이영님 (ee-young-neem) (we found her last Saturday night) (octopus lady). We talked about Christ and the Book of Mormon. We asked her if she wanted to follow Christ and she responded in English (in her really cute accent) "I love Jesus." I was all smiles. She wants to be baptized and come to church! I love this lady! At the end of our lesson, we asked her if she would pray. She looked confused, so we taught her how then she did it. It was such a sweet prayer! She ended then told us it was her first time ever! I feel so blessed to have gotten to be there for it.

me in front of a cool house (with my korean scriptures and english ones) (quite the armful!)
This week I caught a cold and it was cute how concerned the members were for me. We went to a member's house and I started coughing really hard and the mom quickly went in the kitchen to get me special tea and the dad insisted on giving me a priesthood blessing. It was the coolest experience! He blessed me in Korean, so I couldn't understand much, but the spirit was so strong. I could feel God's love for me and for these wonderful people! 

This week I read Elder Ballard's last conference talk and a part that really stood out to me was, 

"Everytime you take someone figuratively by the hand and introduce him or her to Jesus Christ, you will feel how deeply the Savior loves you and loves the person whose hand is in yours." 

This is so true! As I share our testimony of the Savior with others, I feel His love so strongly! I love all of the people we teach! I love my Savior! The gospel is true! Don't be afraid to share it :) 

Love you all!

Sister Naatjes :)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

she plopped a big bowl of slimy octupus in front of me...

Another great week! We got our transfer calls this morning and I am staying in 충장 (cheong-chang?)! I'm going to still be with Sister King, so this will be our third transfer together here. I'm really glad I don't have to leave the people here yet!

This week Sister King and I were walking in the downtown and I saw a couple non-koreans haha. I quickly went up and talked to them. One was a Buddhist and one an Atheist. I got to bear my testimony in English about how God exists, how He blesses lives and how I came to know that He is real. They gave us their number and want to meet again! I'm super excited!

On Saturday night we were knocking on the doors of some people who have previously been taught by missionaries. Usually they don't even open the door...BUT one lady yelled through the door, "who is it?" We told her we were missionaries. She said, "mormon??" then quickly came to the door and invited us in!! We got to teach her a little bit and she invited us to come back! :) happy! While we were there she was preparing side dishes to bring to her son who is serving in the army (In Korea, every boy has to serve in the army for two years). I asked her if there was anything I could do to help. Usually Koreans decline any help, but she plopped a big bowl of slimy octupus in front of me and said, "mix!" haha. I was just glad she didn't tell me to eat! We are going back to her house next Saturday. She also said she wants to come back to church!

We tried to invite a bunch of people to church this week. We were a little bummed that none of the people we are teaching came...but in church I went near the front and sat next to a little family. About halfway through the meeting, 박웅비 (pahk-oong-bee) (a girl who was inactive and we had texted that morning) came in, walked up to the front, and sat right by me. I was so happy she came :)

We had dinner with this family last night--they're awesome! We shared the restoration of the gospel and I recited the 1st vision from memory without messing up--yay!!This week in my personal study I read 3 Nephi in the Book of Mormon and got to read about when Christ came to visit His people in the Americas. I am touched every time I read. In chapter 17, Christ has so much love for His people that He weeps over them. He blesses them one by one. I know that He loves each of us this much. He loves us individually and perfectly. He accepts all that come unto Him with open arms and heals them. And as a missionary, I get to testify of Him everyday! I know He loves me. He strengthens me everyday! I love Him so much!

Have the best week!

Sister Naatjes :)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It was my senior week this week

Hello!! Happy New Year!

What a crazy, awesome week! It was my senior week this week (meaning I got the phone and was in charge of the planning, navigating, etc...) I was super nervous, but I did it! It was really hard to talk to people on the phone, but with Sister King's help I did it :)
new favorite snack
One of my new favorite snacks is now seaweed. I was snacking on it last night then thought about how never in my life did I think I would eat seaweed haha...

I am now 22 years old in Korea! (and still only 20 in American age). In Korea, at the new year, everybody's age changes. So for new babies who are born in December, they turn 1 right away. Kind of fun!

Happy 22nd, Nicole!Many miracles happened this week--as always! 

We went to return an umbrella that someone in a shop had lent to us a little while ago and they weren't interested in the gospel, but we ran into a man that we had talked to a couple weeks before and gave him a restoration pamphlet. We call him 고기 남자 (meat man) because he talked to us in a meat shop. Sure enough, when we saw him again he was in the same meat shop! haha. He doesn't own it, he just likes to hang out in there I think haha. He accepted a Book of Mormon and told us to come back sometime!

박양순 자메님 is loving the Book of Mormon! She talked to her daughters (one who lives in Canada and one who lives in seoul) about how we are teaching her and they had good things to say about us :) yay! We love her! We read Alma 32 together and talked about strengthening our faith. We talked about how doing simple things like praying and reading scriptures and going to church, our faith grows. She loved it! Then later I slowly tried to explain to her in my broken Korean that when we do things and they make us feel happy in our hearts that it means that those things are good. It's the spirit testifying that it's a good thing. I related it to our teachings. If they make her feel happy and give her a warm feeling in her heart, they are good and from God. When she understood what I was saying she clapped for joy--haha it was so cute. I was so happy.

example of a 'heart attack'
We went to a more country-side area in our area to heart-attack [<--] our old investigator's door and to visit an elderly couple in our ward. While we were walking we passed a lady and greeted her and kept walking. I felt like we should turn around and talk to her so we did. She had so many concerns and questions about God. But as soon as she finished talking and I had a million things I wanted to tell her, the bus came! I was so sad! She has our number, so I hope she calls! 

I'm so blessed to be able to be a missionary and teach about the gospel all day everyday. A lot of times people don't have any interest. Many have never even thought about God. But I'm learning to see little miracles everywhere. I get to talk to people about God all the time and tell them that He loves them! Sometimes they even listen--that's a miracle :) 

I love the gospel and I know it's true! 

Have a wonderful week! Love you all!!

Sister Naatjes :)