Sunday, January 12, 2014

she plopped a big bowl of slimy octupus in front of me...

Another great week! We got our transfer calls this morning and I am staying in 충장 (cheong-chang?)! I'm going to still be with Sister King, so this will be our third transfer together here. I'm really glad I don't have to leave the people here yet!

This week Sister King and I were walking in the downtown and I saw a couple non-koreans haha. I quickly went up and talked to them. One was a Buddhist and one an Atheist. I got to bear my testimony in English about how God exists, how He blesses lives and how I came to know that He is real. They gave us their number and want to meet again! I'm super excited!

On Saturday night we were knocking on the doors of some people who have previously been taught by missionaries. Usually they don't even open the door...BUT one lady yelled through the door, "who is it?" We told her we were missionaries. She said, "mormon??" then quickly came to the door and invited us in!! We got to teach her a little bit and she invited us to come back! :) happy! While we were there she was preparing side dishes to bring to her son who is serving in the army (In Korea, every boy has to serve in the army for two years). I asked her if there was anything I could do to help. Usually Koreans decline any help, but she plopped a big bowl of slimy octupus in front of me and said, "mix!" haha. I was just glad she didn't tell me to eat! We are going back to her house next Saturday. She also said she wants to come back to church!

We tried to invite a bunch of people to church this week. We were a little bummed that none of the people we are teaching came...but in church I went near the front and sat next to a little family. About halfway through the meeting, 박웅비 (pahk-oong-bee) (a girl who was inactive and we had texted that morning) came in, walked up to the front, and sat right by me. I was so happy she came :)

We had dinner with this family last night--they're awesome! We shared the restoration of the gospel and I recited the 1st vision from memory without messing up--yay!!This week in my personal study I read 3 Nephi in the Book of Mormon and got to read about when Christ came to visit His people in the Americas. I am touched every time I read. In chapter 17, Christ has so much love for His people that He weeps over them. He blesses them one by one. I know that He loves each of us this much. He loves us individually and perfectly. He accepts all that come unto Him with open arms and heals them. And as a missionary, I get to testify of Him everyday! I know He loves me. He strengthens me everyday! I love Him so much!

Have the best week!

Sister Naatjes :)

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