Monday, January 27, 2014

call the police--yikes


Another great week! :) I just love being a missionary!

This week I went on splits with Sister 이다슬 and it was so fun! She came to Korea at the same time as me, so we're both in our third transfers. We went to the country part of our area to try to find former investigators and new people to teach. On the bus ride there, one of our members was on the bus! She's a really cute, old grandma. I decided to talk to a lady sitting in front of her and kept laughing as the grandma behind me kept piping-in about the Book of Mormon and our church. It was so awesome! She's a great missionary! :)

While we were in the country, we knocked on a door and I talked through the door and told the woman we were missionaries teaching about Jesus Christ. She was talking really loudly back, but I just kept talking for a little while...It wasn't until later that 이다슬 told me that they were telling us to go away or they would call the police--yikes haha. Good thing I still can't understand Korean!

Even though we get quite a bit of rejection, miracles happen everywhere! I get to testify of Christ and tell people my testimony everyday. Each time I do, it gets stronger. Lately, on the bus and on the street I have been focusing on prayer. So many people have never prayed before/don't even know how to! So I get to teach them how and then commit them to do it! It's awesome! Being a missionary is great!

This week, while we were meeting with 박양순, at the end of one of our lessons we thought she was going to tell us she was going to stop meeting with us. Luckily, she didn't and just expressed doubts, but I was amazed at how sad I was. I know how much this gospel could bless her life and I just want her to have the joy that I have! I started crying a little bit during the lesson...and then an American walked up to us (we teach 박양순 in her store). He talked to us about missionary work and wanted to meet again!
Here's the map we use to navigate. It's crazy!
I just love this gospel so much! I know that it's true! I love the Book of Mormon and I want to share it with everyone. I know it's true and it has blessed me so much!

We had another lesson with 이영님 and it was so great! We taught her about prophets and the Book of Mormon. She just wants to follow Jesus. She prayed for the second time that night and told us she was going to pray from that day on! It was such a special moment!

Last night we visited the Bishop and his family. I was in charge of sharing a message with them and was really nervous because my Korean is still super shaky! I was going to do Joseph Smith's first vision...when we showed up, another family from the ward was there, so I got even more nervous...then another couple showed up--we had a full room full! I was so nervous! But I did it! Through a miracle, I was able to teach the first vision by myself in Korean! The spirit was so strong in the room. God is truly helping me everyday!

I know that God is real and that when we pray to Him, He strengthens us. He helps me each and every day!

Love you all!!

Sister Naatjes :)

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