Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It was my senior week this week

Hello!! Happy New Year!

What a crazy, awesome week! It was my senior week this week (meaning I got the phone and was in charge of the planning, navigating, etc...) I was super nervous, but I did it! It was really hard to talk to people on the phone, but with Sister King's help I did it :)
new favorite snack
One of my new favorite snacks is now seaweed. I was snacking on it last night then thought about how never in my life did I think I would eat seaweed haha...

I am now 22 years old in Korea! (and still only 20 in American age). In Korea, at the new year, everybody's age changes. So for new babies who are born in December, they turn 1 right away. Kind of fun!

Happy 22nd, Nicole!Many miracles happened this week--as always! 

We went to return an umbrella that someone in a shop had lent to us a little while ago and they weren't interested in the gospel, but we ran into a man that we had talked to a couple weeks before and gave him a restoration pamphlet. We call him 고기 남자 (meat man) because he talked to us in a meat shop. Sure enough, when we saw him again he was in the same meat shop! haha. He doesn't own it, he just likes to hang out in there I think haha. He accepted a Book of Mormon and told us to come back sometime!

박양순 자메님 is loving the Book of Mormon! She talked to her daughters (one who lives in Canada and one who lives in seoul) about how we are teaching her and they had good things to say about us :) yay! We love her! We read Alma 32 together and talked about strengthening our faith. We talked about how doing simple things like praying and reading scriptures and going to church, our faith grows. She loved it! Then later I slowly tried to explain to her in my broken Korean that when we do things and they make us feel happy in our hearts that it means that those things are good. It's the spirit testifying that it's a good thing. I related it to our teachings. If they make her feel happy and give her a warm feeling in her heart, they are good and from God. When she understood what I was saying she clapped for joy--haha it was so cute. I was so happy.

example of a 'heart attack'
We went to a more country-side area in our area to heart-attack [<--] our old investigator's door and to visit an elderly couple in our ward. While we were walking we passed a lady and greeted her and kept walking. I felt like we should turn around and talk to her so we did. She had so many concerns and questions about God. But as soon as she finished talking and I had a million things I wanted to tell her, the bus came! I was so sad! She has our number, so I hope she calls! 

I'm so blessed to be able to be a missionary and teach about the gospel all day everyday. A lot of times people don't have any interest. Many have never even thought about God. But I'm learning to see little miracles everywhere. I get to talk to people about God all the time and tell them that He loves them! Sometimes they even listen--that's a miracle :) 

I love the gospel and I know it's true! 

Have a wonderful week! Love you all!!

Sister Naatjes :)

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