Monday, November 25, 2013


This week was a great one! It went by really fast!

Mom--to answer your questions...we eat a lot of ramen, rice, kimchi, eggs, and fruit. When we visit members we usually get fed 고고마 (sweet potatoes), 감 (persimmons), apples, or clementines. Weird foods...yes. I'm getting better at just eating what's in front of me without asking questions! We've only been fed by members a couple times, so mostly we just fend for ourselves other than the fruit and tea the members give us when we visit.

Funny mishaps--always! It seems like every time I have a conversation with someone they laugh because I say words totally wrong! 
Last week I was walking up the stairs from the subway saying hi to everyone as usual...I said hello to a teenage boy who stopped in his tracks and stared at me. He said, "에수?" (Jesus?) I said, yes! I'm a missionary! He then said, "you believe." I responded "yes," of course! He then quickly went in for a hug--haha! Luckily Sister King stopped him before he got too close! It was pretty funny. 
Yesterday it was stormy and wet. I totally fell down the stairs to the subway! It was hilarious! Also, the wind was so strong that my umbrella broke in like 5 places. 

On Wednesday we had a meeting in Daejeon for all the greenies and our trainers. It was fun to see all the people who came to Korea with me. They seem to be just as confused as I am which was comforting!

My Korean is still pretty awful, but I'm trying to stay positive and just say what I can. Sister King told me that she heard me loudly proclaim in my sleep, "할수있에요" (I can do it!) haha. 

I talked to a lady on the subway this week who happily accepted the Book of Mormon and thanked me--yay! I gave her my number. Hopefully she calls!

On Friday and Saturday I went on a split. I was with 이다슬 자매님. We're both greenies so we were a little bit nervous, but we actually had a lot of success! We taught for over two hours that day--yay! She did pretty much all the talking because she knows Korean haha...but I understood some of it and put in a few words here and there haha. It was really fun!

On Saturday we went to an activity for all the young women in the area. It was "Project Runway." It was really cute. At the end, all the girls sang a song that made me cry. I love these people! 

Yesterday all the missionaries sang "Angels We Have Heard On High" in Sacrament Meeting to kick off the non-existent Christmas spirit in the ward. It was fun--especially because a new, Chinese investigator sang with us. Our Elders met him the night before and invited him to practice with us . He came and sang in Korea--ha! Awesome!

This week I learned a lot. Something I have thought about a lot is the power of prayer--it is so real! In Mosiah 27 the Lord answers the faithful prayers of a worried father, Alma by sending an angel to his son. I love verse 14. The Lords answers faithful prayers. 
So keep praying! God is listening. He will answer our prayers. I know it. He has answered mine. 

I love you all! I love the Lord. I love Korea. I love being a missionary.

Sister Naatjes :)

Monday, November 18, 2013

We had a miracle happen this week!

We had a "sister's conference" with all the girls in my zone. Sister Scott is in my zone--yay!This week has been great! Korea is so awesome :) I see and experience new things everyday! 

We had a miracle happen this week! We were a little bit down because everyone seemed to be rejecting us and we haven't been getting any new people to teach. So we were knocking on a former investigator's door and she wasn't interested...and then a lady ran up to us excitedly and said, "I'm a member!!" We didn't recognize her because she hasn't come to church in a long time. She ran to the store and bought us a warm drink. We were surprised by how excited she was! We got her number then went back to knocking on doors.
A couple days later we were fasting as part of a mission-wide fast. This same lady showed up at our weekly English class. She talked to us afterward and said that she had only come so that she could talk to us missionaries. She had been going through a hard time and felt like God had forgotten about her. She had been praying and just couldn't believe He still loved her. Just that morning she had said her last prayer and had given God His last chance. And then that night she saw us! She had been wanting to see missionaries for a long time and we were an answer to her prayers. We got to tell her that God loves her so much and that He hears her prayers. We all knelt in prayer with tears in our eyes following that experience.

Sister Scott and her trainer, Sister Ensign stayed the night with us for Stake conference :)I know that no matter what we have done in the past or how hard our lives are, God's love is ALWAYS there. always. 

God is using Sister King and I. He put us in someone's path who really needed Him. I feel so blessed to have been a part of that experience. 

We had Stake Conference this week and I didn't understand much, but it was amazing. I was sitting by a sweet, old couple and surrounded by faithful people who love God. They are incredible. I was feeling a little bit flustered because I couldn't understand what was going on, but then the choir sang and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. They sang, "I believe in Christ." My heart was full. I love these people!  These are such special people! I'm so grateful I get to serve here. How did I get so lucky?

In Korea, the men all wear really sparkly, crazy ties. It's hilarious. I love coming to church every week and seeing the pink and purple, glittery ties :)

Sister King and Sister EnsignI love being a missionary. I love the Lord. I love the gospel. I am grateful for the chance I have to testify of God's love for people. Every once in a while, God lets me have a little taste of His love for people. I know with all of my heart that He is real. He hears our cries. His arms are always outstretched. I know it. Keep reading scriptures every day and pray all the time!

Love you all! 

Sister Naatjes :)

Monday, November 11, 2013

You can happy time in Chicken

our investigator, 조아영, me, sister king, and all the other missionaries in our ward at the ward picnic. We went hiking on a really pretty mountain!Great week!
our ward mission leader really wanted us to take a pic by this tree haha. He's a goof. after we took this pic he made me take a pic of him by himself posing by the tree.
I had some interesting experiences this week. First of all, we went to a bath house. I didn't want to go, but I knew my companion really did, so I surrendered haha. It was very different...I'm glad I had the experience, but I can't say I would do it again haha. It was pretty embarrassing. The most embarrassing part was that some of the old ladies in the bath house RECOGNIZED ME. haha. They knew me as the crazy girl who does sprints up the big hill every morning. I was super embarrassed at the extra attention being drawn to me because I didn't want anyone to look at me, but it was really funny. I guess is could get me in some doors later possibly--who says you can't do missionary work in a bath house haha.

I talked to a lady at the subway station and tried to talk about the gospel. She said something quietly kind of under her breath. I asked her what she had said again and heard, 사랑합니다 (I love you). I thought I might have heard it wrong again, but she quietly repeated it a third time haha. I don't think I have ever been told that in the first couple minutes of meeting someone before. 

sis king and I
Sometimes I don't feel so loved though. We tried to talk to a lady on the street and she said, "missionaries" and quickly hid her children behind her. A lady was walking up the street and when she was about 5 feet in front of us, she realized we were missionaries and quickly turned around and made a break for it. haha...

All of our appointments cancelled this week, but we have a couple more people interested in English lessons, so that's exciting! 

So many people!
Most of the time I feel really lost when people talk to me (especially at church). I get really frustrated because I love these people and want to be able to understand and talk to them, but I can't! I often feel so inadequate, but I am reminded each and every day that the Lord loves me and is helping me. 

I don't even know these people, but they really wanted to get a picture with sis king and I and try to speak to us in English. It was hilarious.When things get hard, I have learned to turn completely to the Lord. I trust him. I know that he is there--for me and for everyone. This is why I'm here! I'm here to bring people to the Lord so that they can feel the same love and comfort I feel every day. When things get hard, turn to him. He will help you. 

Engrish--hilarious!Even though we are imperfect, when we turn to Him, he makes us whole. He makes me good enough even when I feel so inadequate.

Two nights ago, a miracle happened. While we were waiting for a bus, I decided to talk to a teenage girl. I had a full conversation (in very broken Korean) with her. I bore my testimony of the Book of Mormon and she accepted it! yay! I really hope she reads it and it brings her as much peace and joy as it brings me. :)

Love you all! 

낫제스 자매 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

내, 마시새요!

This week was crazy and awesome. 

To answer your questions:

I am able to work out in the mornings. Our apartment is on a big hill, so my companion stretches outside while I run hills. I love it. 

We got new yohs (floor mats) this week, so now I have my own and it's wonderful! haha.

My companion, sister king
My companion is super nice and I really like her. The other missionaries in my apartment are awesome too--Sister Rouche and Sister Lee. Sister Lee is from Korea and is hilarious! We have fun. 

I have so many language slip-ups every day. hmm...last night we had family home evening and dinner with a family. Someone asked me if I needed a fork (because I was very obviously struggling with my chopsticks) and I replied, "내, 마시새요!" or "yes, it's delicious." The whole table laughed at me. I refused the fork though and ate fried chicken with chopsticks (not an easy feat!)

Life in Korea is busy, busy, busy! People walk quickly. The kids go to school all day and at night and almost all the adults work--a lot. I'm in a big city, so there are always people everywhere. Pretty much everyone lives in apartments--not much space for houses. People eat a lot of Kimchi haha... We use public transportation a lot and walk a lot. It's pretty fun. 

My talk went surprisingly well! I was super nervous and kept messing up when I was practicing, but I said a prayer before I went up and I hardly messed up! The Lord is helping me! People told me I did a good job. 
...however, later that day they asked me to read a scripture aloud and I was soooo slow! snail speed. The kids giggled a little bit, but I got through it. Korean is hard. 

This week was full of miracles. We are teaching a girl named 조아영 (joh-ah-young). She is a high-school senior and is super cute! We love her. This week she came to church! Yay! She likes to practice her English with me. I'm excited for the day that I know more Korean than she does English haha. 

One day I was feeling especially discouraged because my language skills are so poor, but I prayed for help. I made a goal to give away a Book of Mormon that day and I gave away 3!! God answers prayers!
The view from my apartment--sweet, huh??

We were having a hard time finding people to teach and we got 3 referrals for our gospel-english program from a ward member--yay! In the gospel-english program we first teach 30 minutes of english then 30 minutes of the gospel. We have our first lesson tonight and I'm really excited. We made and put up flyers (I'll have to send a pic sometime. They have a picture of my companion and I, so my face is on a bunch of light poles) for free English lessons all over the streets and a girl contacted us last night. woo! 

Some funny things that happened this week:
I make an effort to talk to anyone I can even though I can't say much. I was sitting next to a student girl on the bus and started talking about the Book of Mormon and Jesus Christ. I guess I was talking really loud because when I looked around everyone was looking at me (even more than usual). I thought we were at our stop, so I quickly gave her the Book of Mormon and rushed out of my seat. Turns out, we were stopped at a red light...I forgot both my bus card and an extra copy of the Book of Mormon in my seat, so the girl brought them to me. The whole back of the bus was laughing at me. one of the ladies quietly said, "재미새요" ("funny")...I'm such a foreigner. At least they all heard about the Book of Mormon!
This is how we navigate. Houses are SO hard to find here. There isn't really an address system haha.

I get laughed at a lot, but I think it's really funny. I have blonde hair, so I get away with doing weird things.

We visited a member and they brought out a whole fried chicken for my companion and I to eat. When Korean people give you food, you have to eat it or it's really rude, so we ate a whole fried chicken. When I thought I would die, they brought out more chicken and rice cakes haha.

God is real. He is listening. I know that he answers prayers--he answers mine everyday. Pray to Him. He loves you! 

Well, I love you all!

Kendall--awesome! Second in State is incredible!! [Kendall's soccer team got 2nd place in the state tournament]
Bells--Sorry you had to spend Halloween doing IRP [Independent Reading Pages] haha 
Mixter--Way to go! First in the all-around?? You're amazing! [Mikki won her gymnastics meet]

I have the best family ever!

Sister Naatjes :)