Tuesday, November 5, 2013

내, 마시새요!

This week was crazy and awesome. 

To answer your questions:

I am able to work out in the mornings. Our apartment is on a big hill, so my companion stretches outside while I run hills. I love it. 

We got new yohs (floor mats) this week, so now I have my own and it's wonderful! haha.

My companion, sister king
My companion is super nice and I really like her. The other missionaries in my apartment are awesome too--Sister Rouche and Sister Lee. Sister Lee is from Korea and is hilarious! We have fun. 

I have so many language slip-ups every day. hmm...last night we had family home evening and dinner with a family. Someone asked me if I needed a fork (because I was very obviously struggling with my chopsticks) and I replied, "내, 마시새요!" or "yes, it's delicious." The whole table laughed at me. I refused the fork though and ate fried chicken with chopsticks (not an easy feat!)

Life in Korea is busy, busy, busy! People walk quickly. The kids go to school all day and at night and almost all the adults work--a lot. I'm in a big city, so there are always people everywhere. Pretty much everyone lives in apartments--not much space for houses. People eat a lot of Kimchi haha... We use public transportation a lot and walk a lot. It's pretty fun. 

My talk went surprisingly well! I was super nervous and kept messing up when I was practicing, but I said a prayer before I went up and I hardly messed up! The Lord is helping me! People told me I did a good job. 
...however, later that day they asked me to read a scripture aloud and I was soooo slow! snail speed. The kids giggled a little bit, but I got through it. Korean is hard. 

This week was full of miracles. We are teaching a girl named 조아영 (joh-ah-young). She is a high-school senior and is super cute! We love her. This week she came to church! Yay! She likes to practice her English with me. I'm excited for the day that I know more Korean than she does English haha. 

One day I was feeling especially discouraged because my language skills are so poor, but I prayed for help. I made a goal to give away a Book of Mormon that day and I gave away 3!! God answers prayers!
The view from my apartment--sweet, huh??

We were having a hard time finding people to teach and we got 3 referrals for our gospel-english program from a ward member--yay! In the gospel-english program we first teach 30 minutes of english then 30 minutes of the gospel. We have our first lesson tonight and I'm really excited. We made and put up flyers (I'll have to send a pic sometime. They have a picture of my companion and I, so my face is on a bunch of light poles) for free English lessons all over the streets and a girl contacted us last night. woo! 

Some funny things that happened this week:
I make an effort to talk to anyone I can even though I can't say much. I was sitting next to a student girl on the bus and started talking about the Book of Mormon and Jesus Christ. I guess I was talking really loud because when I looked around everyone was looking at me (even more than usual). I thought we were at our stop, so I quickly gave her the Book of Mormon and rushed out of my seat. Turns out, we were stopped at a red light...I forgot both my bus card and an extra copy of the Book of Mormon in my seat, so the girl brought them to me. The whole back of the bus was laughing at me. one of the ladies quietly said, "재미새요" ("funny")...I'm such a foreigner. At least they all heard about the Book of Mormon!
This is how we navigate. Houses are SO hard to find here. There isn't really an address system haha.

I get laughed at a lot, but I think it's really funny. I have blonde hair, so I get away with doing weird things.

We visited a member and they brought out a whole fried chicken for my companion and I to eat. When Korean people give you food, you have to eat it or it's really rude, so we ate a whole fried chicken. When I thought I would die, they brought out more chicken and rice cakes haha.

God is real. He is listening. I know that he answers prayers--he answers mine everyday. Pray to Him. He loves you! 

Well, I love you all!

Kendall--awesome! Second in State is incredible!! [Kendall's soccer team got 2nd place in the state tournament]
Bells--Sorry you had to spend Halloween doing IRP [Independent Reading Pages] haha 
Mixter--Way to go! First in the all-around?? You're amazing! [Mikki won her gymnastics meet]

I have the best family ever!

Sister Naatjes :)

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