Monday, November 11, 2013

You can happy time in Chicken

our investigator, 조아영, me, sister king, and all the other missionaries in our ward at the ward picnic. We went hiking on a really pretty mountain!Great week!
our ward mission leader really wanted us to take a pic by this tree haha. He's a goof. after we took this pic he made me take a pic of him by himself posing by the tree.
I had some interesting experiences this week. First of all, we went to a bath house. I didn't want to go, but I knew my companion really did, so I surrendered haha. It was very different...I'm glad I had the experience, but I can't say I would do it again haha. It was pretty embarrassing. The most embarrassing part was that some of the old ladies in the bath house RECOGNIZED ME. haha. They knew me as the crazy girl who does sprints up the big hill every morning. I was super embarrassed at the extra attention being drawn to me because I didn't want anyone to look at me, but it was really funny. I guess is could get me in some doors later possibly--who says you can't do missionary work in a bath house haha.

I talked to a lady at the subway station and tried to talk about the gospel. She said something quietly kind of under her breath. I asked her what she had said again and heard, 사랑합니다 (I love you). I thought I might have heard it wrong again, but she quietly repeated it a third time haha. I don't think I have ever been told that in the first couple minutes of meeting someone before. 

sis king and I
Sometimes I don't feel so loved though. We tried to talk to a lady on the street and she said, "missionaries" and quickly hid her children behind her. A lady was walking up the street and when she was about 5 feet in front of us, she realized we were missionaries and quickly turned around and made a break for it. haha...

All of our appointments cancelled this week, but we have a couple more people interested in English lessons, so that's exciting! 

So many people!
Most of the time I feel really lost when people talk to me (especially at church). I get really frustrated because I love these people and want to be able to understand and talk to them, but I can't! I often feel so inadequate, but I am reminded each and every day that the Lord loves me and is helping me. 

I don't even know these people, but they really wanted to get a picture with sis king and I and try to speak to us in English. It was hilarious.When things get hard, I have learned to turn completely to the Lord. I trust him. I know that he is there--for me and for everyone. This is why I'm here! I'm here to bring people to the Lord so that they can feel the same love and comfort I feel every day. When things get hard, turn to him. He will help you. 

Engrish--hilarious!Even though we are imperfect, when we turn to Him, he makes us whole. He makes me good enough even when I feel so inadequate.

Two nights ago, a miracle happened. While we were waiting for a bus, I decided to talk to a teenage girl. I had a full conversation (in very broken Korean) with her. I bore my testimony of the Book of Mormon and she accepted it! yay! I really hope she reads it and it brings her as much peace and joy as it brings me. :)

Love you all! 

낫제스 자매 

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