Sunday, February 2, 2014

설날! ...and food poisoning haha

This week was a special week in Korea--설날 (or the Chinese New Year).

In Korea, Chinese New Year is bigger than Christmas. We had our preparation day on Friday and meetings on the days surrounding it. On Saturday night our investigator, 이지영 (ee-jee-young), invited us over for dinner and fed us TONS of food! Sister King had a little stomach ache, so I took the grunt of it and ate like crazy haha...unfortunately it hit me that night--I got food poisoning. I was throwing up all night on Saturday--yuck! But God helped me get better quickly thankfully and I went to church the next day. 

이지영 came to church!! I was so excited! It was testimony meeting (where anybody who wants to can get up and share their testimony) and I really felt like I should share mine, so I did. I was SO nervous because my korean is still really rough, but I did it! I hope she felt how much I love this gospel and how happy it makes me!

On Sunday night we had a dinner appointment with the Bishop and a couple other families. When they found out I was sick they were so amazing! Bishop's wife made me a special rice soup (Korean equivalent of chicken-noodle). Then another couple showed up with special juice for me. Then another lady insisted on giving me a massage--haha. I learned some Chinese medicine. She massaged the top of my hand between my thumb and index finger. Apparently if you're really sore right there it means your stomach is sick, and by massaging it, it makes your stomach feel better. The members were so kind to me! I'm feeling a ton better today--maybe the massage worked! :)

funny hotel near my apartment. (notice the greek and new york touches haha) This week a big miracle happened. We have been having a hard time with 박양순 lately. She seemed to be losing interest and afraid to change churches because she has always been Catholic. She loves the Book of Mormon though and believes it's God's word. In my journal Wednesday morning I wrote, "It's been hard with her. We need a really special lesson." Then when we were about to head to her lesson, President and Sister Shin (our mission pres and his wife) showed up at our church building! Sister Shin came and taught with us! After two hours of teaching, 박양순 was glowing! She just wanted to learn more. It was a total miracle! 

With one of our investigators we have really been trying to help her strengthen her faith in Christ. I have really come to realize how much (along with the Bible) the Book of Mormon and the words of our prophets today have helped my testimony. I am so grateful for the gospel. I am so blessed to have it and so blessed to get to share it with others every single day! 

Love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Naatjes 

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