Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Things can be hard... but we can still see miracles!

This week was kind of a tough one--almost all of our appointments fell through and people just didn't want to listen. But Heavenly Father is so good to me. Everytime we had a setback, we got to see little miracles.

Some funny things from the week:

We visited a grandma who lives out in the country and she was hilarious! She's in her 70s and hikes mountains and is very active. As I was asking her about it, she did a couple high-kicks for me..haha. It was awesome!

countryside We were stopped by a lady on the street this week. She first asked if we were going to Heaven, decided we should go together, then very excitedly sang a whole hymn for us on the busy street we were on.

This week 박양순 (bahk-yahng-soon) cancelled all of our appointments. We think she's losing interest. Sister King and I both cried. I just know the joy that she could have through this gospel! 노상미 (no-song-mee) couldn't meet either...things just weren't working out! We randomly ran into Ana (our former investigator from Nebraska) downtown and she doesn't want to meet again.

Despite the disappointments, happy things happened this week!

On Saturday night, particularly, Sister King and I were feeling discouraged. Everything fell through. We decided to just stop and pray. We asked God where to go and where He needed us. As soon as we closed our prayer, we got a phone call from a church member who wanted us to come to her house to meet her friend. When we completely submitted our wills to Heavenly Father, He gave us a miracle. Her friend wansn't actually able to come unfortunately, but we got to have a great visit with the family. We taught the first lesson and talked about how Christ's life and how people persecuted him during a part of it. After the lesson, the little son raised his hand and said he had a question. He said, "Why didn't the bad people follow Jesus?" It was really dear. I have thought about that kind of a lot since. Why don't people follow Jesus? He is the source of joy and light. He is what brings me happiness. I want to bring other people the joy that comes through following Jesus.
relief society activity :)We got to give away Book of Mormons to taxi men and lots of workers at little shops--you never know who is ready to hear the gospel :)

One night we met with a recent convert and she was really down. Her job interview had fallen through and she hadn't felt much comfort. After we had a lesson, she was in bright spirit. She said the closing prayer and thanked God that we could meet with her to make her happy again. It was such a blessing to be able to help her. I'm glad God let me help her.

A new girl came in to church late this week and I got to sit by her during sacrament meeting. I felt so happy. I was able to explain the sacrament to her. It felt really good. The other sister missionaries in our ward are going to teach her this week! It was a miracle!

I learned this week the importance of noticing the little miracles everyday. Things can be hard. But as we just look for happiness in the little things and rely on the Lord, we can still see miracles! I know the gospel is true. I feel it everyday. The Lord strengthens me everyday. I'm so grateful for the Book of Mormon. I love being a missionary and focusing on Jesus Christ all day everyday. This is His work!
Have an amazing week!
Sister Naatjes :)

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