Sunday, June 8, 2014

Korean Minnie-Mouse

This week was a little hard, but really good! I love my companion, our area, and our investigators! I’m so blessed!

My companion, Sister Park, is hilarious. Someone described her as a Korean Minnie-Mouse. She’s always happy! It’s fun to serve with her!

We got fed 순대 last week (pig intestines with some rice filling inside) and it was delicious! Ha! I love Korea. I’m also liking kimchi more and more. We got some from our member the other day and were really excited!

This week a lot of my favorite people couldn’t meet and seem to be dropping us, so I was a little sad, but our investigator, 강소영 (kang-so-young) is doing so great! She is in her 40s and has a daughter and a son in Junior High. She lived in New Zealand for 4 years and moved back to Korea about 2 years ago and is looking for a church.
spaghetti lunch (notice the kimchi)We had a really cool lesson with her this week. We decided to switch things up and start with a hymn. We sang her “Where can I Turn for Peace?,” prayed, and then she asked us, “Where can I find peace?” and talked to us about how she isn’t very happy and feels depressed sometimes. We had a powerful discussion about finding peace through the gospel. The spirit was strong. Each time we meet with her she seems to be happier and happier.

On Wednesday, we went over to her house and I made lunch for her American style--spaghetti! (And then, of course, she added kimchi :) ) We got to talk about how the gospel blesses our lives more and it was so good!

She came to our ward camping activity on Friday, to English class on Saturday, and to church on Sunday!! Woo! After English class a lady was asking questions about our church and 강소영 answered all of them haha! 

The grandma who lives right outside our church. She was sewing a glove back together with toothpicks! So cool! :)
This weekend we had no appointments with investigators and our members were all busy, so it was a little bit hard, but God gave us miracles! 2 of my old investigators contacted us again! One of them hasn’t been answering my calls for about a month! We’re meeting her today and I’m so excited!

I’m so grateful to be a missionary and I love seeing people being changed through the gospel. I know that God lives and loves His children so much. 

Have a wonderful week! :)

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