Sunday, December 28, 2014

I feel blessed to have had 2 Christmases on my mission :)

Hey everyone!! 

It was another week of miracles!!

The first one was 곽지원's baptism on Monday! It was a beautiful service and her whole family came--including her father! It was his first time coming to church. He usually strongly opposes anything having to do with church, but he came!! 
After the baptism I asked the little sister when she wanted to be baptized and she said, "as soon as possible." We hope the family can get baptized together!

Christmas day was great! We spent the evening at our recent convert, 조은정's jo-un-jeoung's house. We sang carols and before we left we asked the daughter, kim yun ju to pray. She prayed and her mom cried because she was so happy--it was a special experience. 

We had a Christmas party on Christmas Eve and lots of our investigators came! It was super fun. After it ended and it was time to get home, my companion and I called tons of people and sang Christmas hymns--so fun and people were so happy! I love being a missionary. I feel blessed to get to have had 2 Christmases on my mission :)

             Since we have a lot of investigators and new members, we have had to try to be really smart and productive with our planning and prioritizing. On Saturday our whole day was filled with appointments, but on Friday night, jo-un-jeong called and wanted to meet. We told her we didn't have time, but would meet her as soon as we could. The next morning during studies my companion and I both planned to study for the people we would meet that day, so we started our studies and my mind kept shifting to jo-un-jeong. So I studied and found tons of things I wanted to share with her. We ended personal study and I told Sister Park that I think we needed to meet   jo un jeong. Sister Park said she had the same feeling and kept thinking of her too. So we called our appointments to confirm again and one of them cancelled right at the time jo un jeong could meet! We met and the message we prepared was just what she needed. She was in tears as she listened. It was such a cool experience. It testified to us again that this truly is the Lord's work and that we are just His instruments! Super cool!

        I love being a missionary. I know that this is true. I'm learning so much everyday. There are so many things I have to improve and I feel weak all the time, but God uses weak me to do His great work. I love my Heavenly Father and Savior and am so grateful for all of the blessings they give me everyday!

Love you all!

Sister Naatjes :)

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