Sunday, December 14, 2014

I love speaking Korean! :)

I have little time, so this will have to be short! Sorry!

We got our transfer calls today and I'm staying in 농성 ward. My companion, Sister Lee ended her mission today-- crazy! we served together for almost 5 months, so I cried when she left, but my new companion Sister Park is super great! and a very hard worker! I know we will keep seeing miracles together. She's from Busan area and super cute and fun! I'm happy to be with a Korean again--I love speaking Korean! :)

Our ward had 4 sister missionaries because 2 wards were combined in May and the area is huge, but because Sister Park's companion and my companion both ended their missions today and because of a lack of sister missionaries, we got combined, so our already busy schedule got tons busier!! It's going to be crazy! I also got called to be sister training leader, so I'm feeling a little stressed haha, but everything will work out great! We spent our pday today moving my comp and everything out of her house! :)

This week was super busy! Everyone wanted to say goodbye to my companion, so we met a lot of people.

Miracles!! This week our investigators, 곽지원 and 윤성이 came to church again. They are a mother and daughter who are a member referral. The daughter is getting baptized next Monday and the mom said she's still not sure, but thinks she will get baptized later. The dad hasn't come to church yet, but will probably be able to come to his daughter's baptism! We're super excited about this family!! So great! They have so much pure faith! We're meeting them again tonight :)

jo un jeong and kim yun ju came to church again and kim sang hyun came too! (the son!! It was such a miracle! It's so happy to see families coming to church and being strengthened through the gospel. Jo un jeong was crying because she was so happy. I sure love them! 

Because my companion finished her mission, I was able to reflect again on my mission and all of the wonderful things I have learned and experienced and all of the people I love so much! I'm just so blessed! I love being a missionary. A lot of times it's really hard, but there are truly moments that feel like Heaven every week that make it 100 times worth it! I love this work. I love my Heavenly Father. I love my companion. I love Korea and the wonderful people who live here. I'm the luckiest girl in the world!

I love you all tons! Have an amazing week!

Sister Naatjes :)

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