Monday, August 4, 2014

"don't let her run away!"

I thought this was funny! :) Sister Park got an alien perm today!What a week! So much happened! I don't have much time to write today because my companion got a perm today and it took a long time :) But I'll write what I can!

A few funnies:

Recently grandmas keep asking my companion if I'm her mom...haha...I guess I look like I'm in my 40s! "Your mother is very pretty!" "You must have a Korean father." --It happened 3 times!!

When Sister Park and I went out to exercise one morning a couple grandmas came up to me and grabbed my hands, rubbed my arms, patted my bum...the usual and then turned to my companion and said, "don't let her run away!" Ha!

My shoes! :)I still make Korean mistakes all the time! We delivered cookies to one of our investigator families and their 2 daughters were home and watching a drama together. When we left, I meant to say to enjoy watching their drama, but I told them to please send me the drama. They looked really confused!

This week God blessed us with 7 new investigators, so that's exciting and extremely unusual! We're super excited to start teaching them and seeing the gospel bless their lives! 

My shoes! :)A special experience we had this week was with one of our less-active members. She got up in church on Sunday (Fast and Testimony meeting) and bore her testimony about coming back to church. We've been meeting with her for about 2 months and she has progressed so much! She wants to go on a mission and get married in the temple! We're so happy for her!

Also we're starting to teach a lady in our ward's husband and we're really excited!

This is truly God's work! I'm grateful for the chance to love so many people everyday and to grow so much through this work. I know the gospel is true. Life is so good!

Love you all!

Sister Naatjes

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