Sunday, August 10, 2014

"Jesus needs to cut His hair"

Hello everybody!!

We got transfer calls today and I’m moving to my third area on Thursday! I will be going back to Gwangju and serving in 농성 ward. It’s really close to my old area--in fact, there was a new church building built and I think my new ward shares it with my first ward--It will be fun to see my old members again! :)

This week was one full of amazing experiences! This is truly God’s work!

We have a new grandma investigator (in her 80s) who likes us to help her learn math and English. It’s a little bit hard to teach her about the gospel, but she has actually really started to open her mind to us a little bit. We met her on Wednesday and she said so many funny things! She remembered that in my family there are 5 girls and no boys and she kept talking about how sorry she feels for my dad. She really felt for you, Dad haha! we tried to start our lesson and I pulled out a picture of Jesus. All she could think about is His hairstyle--“He needs to cut His hair--it’s summer! Way too hot! So frustrating!” and then she hit me (again)! 
But later she opened up about how her daughter died at a young age and her husband passed-away. We were able to testify to her that families can be forever and that she can see them again. She began to listen intently and it was a special experience. 

We have been visiting an inactive member really frequently who owns a cafe really close to our house--and he has started to really progress! He referred his friend to us and also introduced us to another less-active member so that we could help her. 

really cute grandma who lives near our church and decided to join us for lunch after district meeting--haha! it was hilarious!Two of our new investigators came to church yesterday (a mom and her daughter)! Unfortunately they had to leave before sacrament meeting, but we were so happy they came!! 

Every Monday morning we have a mission-wide conference call where missionaries can share about experiences and especially about baptisms--One of Sister King and my old investigators got baptized! So happy! We found her and her twin sister on the street and they wanted to start meeting to learn English--and one of them got baptized! Woo! I’m so excited for her!

I had a lot of experiences this week that were really spiritual and sacred to me. One of them happened yesterday. Sister Park and I went to visit a grandma who was sick and in the hospital because she was lonely and wanted us to come. After church we walked there, went up the elevator, and to our suprise were met by a really angry daughter-in-law who told us to go away and never come back. But the grandma persisted and wanted us to come into her hospital room. The daughter kept yelling “이단...” (“heretic”) She let us go into her mother-in-law’s room, but the whole time scolded her mom for letting us come see her and telling her we were dangerous.

Finally we were able to talk a little bit about what we do as missionaries and I tried to bear my testimony to her that God loves her and she quickly told me to stop. Her face looked so angry. It was shocking and sad, but at that moment I once again felt the truth of the gospel and how much it means to me. Before we left I was able to tell her with tears in my eyes that I know that our gospel is true and I felt God’s loves so strongly for the grandma, her daughter-in-law and for me. I was so grateful for that experience. I know that this gospel is true and I will never deny it. It blesses every aspect of my life and is the most important thing to me. It hurts when people persecute me and what means most to me, but each time I just feel more stongly that it’s true! 

I know that God lives and loves all of His children. I know that He is a God of miracles and that He never changes. I know that this church is true. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I know that families can be together forever. I love being a missionary and sharing my beliefs with the world!

Have a wonderful week!! :)

Sister Naatjes :)

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