Sunday, January 25, 2015

"We ate them deliciously the next morning"

Transfer week! 

We just got transfer calls.......I'm staying here, am still sister training leader, AND i'm getting a greenie! I'm training and pretty nervous about it! My companion, Sister Park, is also staying in the ward and another Korean missionary will be her new companion. There will now be four of us living together and serving in our ward. We're pretty nervous, but excited! I'm sad to have only been companions with Sister Park for one transfer, but excited for all of the miracles that I know the Lord has prepared here. 

This week we had a funny experience. We got done with our last appointment for the day and had some time before it was time to go home, so we proselyted on the street. My favorite places to go are bus stops because people can't run away :)
We went to the nearest bus stop and I said hi to a lady waiting for a bus. She looked at me a little bit angrily and asked why I am in Korea. I explained that I'm a missionary here and she said a little bit under her breath about how people have other religions and started reaching into her bag...we thought she was going to pull out a pamphlet from her church or something...when she pulled out.....two huge bananas! and gave them to us-HA! Her bus came shortly after and Sister Park and I laughed really hard. :) We ate them deliciously the next morning! 

This week a lot of our new members had a hard week, but there were lots of miracles too! One of our recent converts, 김연주 moved to Busan for work and we call her frequently. One night we felt like we should call her, so we did. Turns out that that day she went our to eat with her coworkers and they started drinking alcohol...etc...she told them she didn't drink because of her church and they asked which church she attended. She told them she was Mormon and they immediately got a little bit upset and started saying bad things about our church, but 김연주 just told them that she knows our church is good and explained what she knows. She said she wants to read more of the Book of Mormon and learn more about the church so that she can do a better job explaining next time. We were so proud of her! She wasn't shaken by it and has her own personal testimony. My companion and I were so happy to hear how well she's doing!

We met with one of our investigators, 임다미 who is progressing a lot and starting to pray and read the Book of Mormon by herself. We had a powerful lesson with one of our members about the Savior and His gospel and we can see her beginning to gain faith in the Savior. It's super cool. 

One of our investigators has been an investigator for a long time--her husband is a member, but she has no interest. Recently, she's been coming to church with her kids! It's super great to see them all together at church! 

I can't believe how fast time is going! I only have 1 transfer (about 6 weeks) left! I need to work harder than ever and have urgency in my work! I feel so grateful everyday to be a part of the Lord's work and to be His servant. I know that next transfer will be busy and difficult, but I know that the Lord is with me and won't leave my side. Through Him I can do all things! 
I love the Lord. He is my best friend. I know He loves these wonderful Korean people and loves me enough to give me the opportunity to serve them. 

I love you all! Have an amazing week!

Sister Naatjes :)

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