Sunday, September 7, 2014

I'm a strong teletubby doll!

We had a great week this week and saw many miracles!

A few things I thought were funny:

My companion told me that my face looks like a teletubby--I guess teletubbies are in Korea too! Ha!

I get comments on my looks a lot--I hear fairly often that I look like a doll as I get on the bus, on the street...etc... Also a man in a convenience store told me I have a strong body--haha! I'm a strong teletubby doll!

Our investigator 조은정 (jo un jeoung) fed us some crazy things this week
One day she made us lunch--she plopped a whole fish in front of us--with scales, eyes, bones and all that good stuff! And we ate all of it! (besides the eyes and the big bones). I ate fish head right by the eyes--she said I had to eat it because it's the best part. It actually wasn't bad!
We ate dinner with her last night and she gave us shrimp, but didn't take off the legs or tail or anything, so we ate them! It was a little strange, but not horrible! haha!

This week we found 4 new investigators! Miracle! One of them is a former investigator who stopped meeting with the missionaries because she moved to seoul, but she's back and doing great! She asks a lot of great questions and has a lot of interest!
Our other new investigators are all english-interest, but also listen really well to the lessons! We're excited for what the Lord is preparing!

This week is 초석 (Korean Thanksgiving), so we haven't been able to meet a lot of our investigators lately, but we're excited to see them again next week!

Dad asked last week about more details about what we do everyday...
We wake up, exercise, study (personal, companionship, and then language study for 60 minutes each). Then we set up as many appointments as we can with our investigators. The remaining time we fill with recent convert visits or member visits. When nobody has time we sometimes put up English flyers (we have a free english program) and our missionaries tend to get a lot of calls off of them, or we go to the big bus terminal near our house and talk to people who are sitting and waiting for the bus. Our area is huge! So as we travel to appointments or other things we talk to everyone we can--I like the bus because people can't run away when I start talking to them (it happens more frequently than you would think--people literally run!) ha!
We have missionary meetings sometimes...every week we have English class on Saturday nights and it's been a pretty big success--lots of people come and many of them become investigators. We also have family home evening at the church every weekend and less people come, but it's improving! Misisonary work is fun! I feel blessed everyday to have the opportunity to be the Lord's missionary

I keep learning more and more about Korean culture through being with Korean companions. I love it! Sitting on the couch feels weird now--I prefer the floor! I also love kimchi.

Everyday I feel again and again that this gospel is so true! It's perfect, wonderful, and can help everyone. I'm learning everyday--I have so much to improve! I'm grateful for the chance to change and become better.

I know my Savior lives. Through Him we can overcome anything and live happily. We can overcome weaknesses and recieve strength everyday. I know that the Book of Mormon, along with the Bible is true and that we can receive revelation through it everyday--I love it! I'm so very blessed!

I love you all! Happy Korean Thanksgiving!!

Sister Naatjes :)

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