Sunday, July 20, 2014

warty sea squirts

What a week! Sister Park and I saw SO MANY miracles!

A fun food I ate this week:

We went to dinner with an investigator this week and she wanted me to try a food I have never eaten before that she said was a noodle soup. In the soup were lots of clams and unidentified black things that looked like slugs--my investigator looked up what they were with her dictionary and it translated, “warty sea squirts.” You bite it and the guts squirt into your mouth--it wasn’t bad! I ate more than one!

We still aren’t meeting with 강소영, but she came to English Class this week, so that was good.

One day this week had so many miracles!

We had no appointments in the morning/early afternoon, so we were going to try to visit former investigators. I felt like we should visit a lady in our ward first, so we did that and then got a random call from a 70-year-old grandma we had met a couple weeks before and she told us to come quickly, so we started travelling across town and guess who we ran into on the street? 강소영! (kang-so-young) My companion kept telling me were were going to see her hear from her on Friday and we actually did! It was a miracle that the grandma called us right at that moment. 

We got to the grandma’s house and after she fed us chicken soup that had been sitting in a bag on the counter for who knows how long (haha), she told us why she called us--she was feeling sad and lonely and didn’t know what to do, so she saw our number we gave her and she called. She cried and we got to sing her hymns and tell her how special she was.

Then we had an appointment with a less-active member who is preparing for a mission. The following appointment cancelled and we were a little bit sad, but then we realized that God had a bigger miracle prepared! We got on the bus to head back toward the area our house is in to keep trying to visit former investigators and my companion noticed some girls looking at me and giggling, so we talked to them--one of them had just spent 8 months in Utah and god baptized 6 months ago! We were so excited to meet her and her friends, but they got off the bus really fast and all we had time to do was slip them our number. We felt really disappointed because we wanted to get her number...we felt like we should get off the bus at the next stop and look for them, so we did. We were stopped at a stoplight and talked to the lady waiting next to us. After talking to her for a little bit we realized that she was the girl on the bus who got baptized’s friend’s mom! She had a lot of interest in our church and wanted her daughter to learn from us! What a miracle! Then the girl on the bus texted us and we were able to meet with her the next day!

Then we prayed to know where to go next and my companion felt like we should visit one of our members, 지은숙. We got on a bus and I met a man from the U.S. who had interest in the church, so we went way past our stop haha... we had to walk back and on the way we saw a girl sitting on a bench and felt like we should talk to her, so we did. She used to meet with our missionaries and has been trying to find their phone number for a while because she wanted to introduce her friend! 

So many miracles! I learn each and every day that this is God’s work. When we pray and really seek to do His will, He guides us and directs us. 

This week I had a few kind of hard days feeling inadequate for one thing or another, but I am so grateful. I’m grateful for the opportunity to feel weak. The times I feel the weakest are the times I feel the Lord’s strength the most and I wouldn’t give up those sacred experiences for the world. I am feeling especially grateful today for all that I’m learning. 

miracle recent convert we met :)A quote that really stood out to me this week was :

“If things don’t turn out the way you had hoped or expected after you have done all in your power, be ready to accept the will of your Heavenly Father. He will not inflict upon us anything that is not ultimately for our good. Listen for that calming voice that whispers in our ears: “all flesh is in mine hands; be still and know that I am God.” --Gerald Causse

I am so grateful to be the Lord’s missionary and to be learning to do my best and then trust my Savior to make up for the rest. 

I love you all! Have an amazing week!! 

Sister Naatjes :)

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