Sunday, May 25, 2014

I got a new companion 박정은

Korean style hamburgers :)So I didn’t transfer! I got a new companion. She’s Korean and her name is 박정은 (park-jeoung-un). She was in the MTC with me, so it has been really fun! She also lived in the same house as me in my old area, so it’s fun to serve together again! 

my old district :)Since Sister Simonsen left this week, a lot of people wanted us to visit them before we left and all of them wanted to feed us a lot of food. I still feel full haha. I’m starting to really like food I never would have liked before. I firmly believe God has blessed my tastebuds haha. At our recent convert’s house we got fed lots of 떡 (rice cakes) and a literal 떡 cake. these rice cakes are gooey and kind of the consistency of a soft gummy bear. It’s a specialty in Korea, so I get fed it a lot. The lady who gave it to us handed it to me and said, “american cake.” It was rice cake with peas, carrots, raisons, nuts... the best part is I actually really like it now! 
I got fed fish again (with scales, eyes, bones...the whole deal!) and I was actually excited to eat it haha. I love Korean food!

All the missionaries in the mission are really excited because Elder Christofferson is coming to our mission this Saturday! Wooooooooo!! I get to sing in a choir for him!

This week I tried so hard to get so many people to church and 4 said they would come, so I was super excited, but the night before they all said they couldn’t/didn’t answer my calls. I was really disappointed and prayed that somebody would come to church and God heard m
y prayers. Our new investigator texted me early the next morning and said she could come! She stayed all three hours!!
This week our Ethiopian investigators came to church again along with our new investigator, 이선미. It was very exciting! Her first time ever attending any church. 

We had some very spiritual experiences with one of our investigators, 최희선 (chae-hee-sun) this week. For one lesson we read Enos together and talked about prayers and receiving answers when we pray. We then re-read Moroni 10:3-5 with her. After she finished reading the verses, she looked at us and said that she felt different this time. She believed that the promise was true. She has come so far! When we had first met she had never said a prayer aloud before. We asked her to kneel with us and ask if the Book of Mormon and our church was true. She did and her prayer was beautiful. After she finished there was such a strong, amazing spirit in the room. We sat silent for a few moments afterward. God is real and He answers prayers.

Sister Simonsen and I :)In our other lesson with her we read 3 Nephi 17 and talked about Jesus Christ. Her faith is growing so much and I always feel the spirit so strong when I teach her :)

One of my new favorite grandmas :)I know that the Book of Mormon is true. There is so much power in it. When we read it we truly get closer to Christ. 

This week I felt so inadequate again as I tried to lead my new companion around and kept getting lost haha. I am still learning a lot about this area! Each time I feel inadequate though, I am reminded of Jesus Christ and am assured that I can do all things through Him. 

I love being a missionary! I love Korea! I love this gospel! I know it’s true! 

Have an incredible week! :)

Sister Naatjes

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