Monday, March 3, 2014

my new companion is 안규진

What a great week! It was busy because it was transfer week. Sister King left to go to a new area and my new companion is a Korean, 안규진 (Sister An Kyujin). She is amazing! She is really hard-working and I'm excited to see miracles with her this transfer. I'm already learning so much!

Random side note: I ate fish with the scales still on it three times this week--and I actually liked it! My favorite thing to eat at our apartment is rice with eggs and tuna in it with seaweed! Ha! I love Korea!

When I think back on this week, a few things stick out to me.
investigator 박양순 love her!!

We met with 박양순 (pahk yahng-soon) before Sister King left. It was hard again. She really loves us. She cried as she talked about how we're her angels and have helped her, but said she doesn't want to keep learning about our church like before. I love her so much! Luckily she told me that I can come by sometimes to talk with her and said we can even read the Book of Mormon together. I think she just needs time. I haven't given up on her. I know that this gospel will make her so happy. I think she's just afraid to change.

Sister An and I visited an inactive grandma in our ward this week. This grandma smokes and is having a hard time stopping. As a result, she doesn't come to church and has a lot of health problems. I will never forget our visit. She looked sad and very lonely when we walked into her little two-room apartment. She told us tearfully of her struggle and how she feels. We taught her for a long time about Christ. I got to share my favorite scripture--2 Cor 12:9-10--and testified of the Savior. Through Him she can give up smoking, she can be completely clean. I got to tell her that God loves her and that I love her. We sang a hymn to her and closed with a prayer. She offered the prayer and it was very special. When we left she said, with light in her eyes, "I feel like I can do this!" And she can! I know that through Christ we can overcome any and every one of our struggles. He knows how we feel and will give us the strength we need to overcome.
fun family! and my new companion!

Sister An had to go to a leadership meeting this week, so I went on splits with another sister. She is a newer missionary than I am and doesn't know much Korean, so I was really nervous--especially because we had to teach an investigator. I was afraid that I wouln't know what to say and especially that I wouldn't know how to say it. But the lesson went well, and God helped me say what I needed to say in Korean! The investigator even prayed at the end (she didn't last week because she was too scared). It was very sweet.

This week we met a grandma who takes care of her grandson because his mom left him. She makes money by sorting out trash. We had the chance to help her sort trash. I was so amazed by her diligence and her love for her grandson. She told us we could come back and teach her and her grandson about the gospel :)

I'm so grateful for this gospel--it's true! I love my Savior and I'm so grateful I get to testify of Him everyday.

Sister Naatjes :)

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