Sunday, December 22, 2013

"life child. I talk comfortably and it is the."

매리 그리스마스!!

This was a great week!! We saw a lot of miracles :)

Lets see...something funny that happened...

On Saturday we traveled to teach one of our investigators in a city that's pretty far away. We later had a zone activity doing a survey downtown. I was talking to a bunch of people and a man came up to me and told me he had seen me earlier on the bus that day. We talked about the Book of Mormon and I gave him one. I was really exited! 
...but he called the next day and told sister king he thought I had pretty hair. He texted us later and wanted to have coffee. Sister King told him we don't drink coffee and asked him why he wanted to meet. He said, "life child. I talk comfortably and it is the." We laughed really hard when we got the message. No idea what that means! haha

This week we met with 박양순 three times and she's doing great! She has been reading the Book of Mormon and studying a lot. She calls herself our Korean Momma. She's awesome! 

신문정 prayed again at the end of our lesson and we are so excited! She's nervous about coming to church, but she's praying!! Big deal! She is such an awesome lady! 

We met with 김현숙 for the first time on Saturday and she tearfully told us about her relationship with God. She told us she thinks we were sent from God. She has such a kind and soft heart. We're excited to keep teaching her! 

This week we had our mission-wide Christmas party and it was fun to see everyone! We watched "Home Alone" and had a big Korean Christmas feast. At the end we had a bunch of musical numbers and read the story of Christ's birth. It was incredible. 

We set up the x-mas tree you sent! :)It hardly feels like Christmas here because Koreans don't celebrate it much, but I think that this is the closest I've come to understand the real meaning of Christmas. I am closer to my Savior than ever. We are celebrating Christ's birth! Our Savior and Redeemer! He was born in a lowly stable, was spit upon, was mocked, atoned for our sins, died for us...And now we can return to our Heavenly Father! He suffered so that we could be saved! He suffered so that we could have hope! He suffered so that he could understand us in our times of trial. 

I have been so blessed through my Savior. He understands me. He knows how it feels to learn Korean. He knows how it feels to be rejected. He is my best friend. Glory to God! 

Have an incredible Christmas! I love you all! 

Sister Naatjes :) 

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