Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"What should we do?"... "Pray!"

This week was incredible! God let me see so many miracles!

Some funny things that happened:

We met with our new investigator, 윤인자, this week. We taught her a little lesson and gave her a Book of Mormon. She loves it. ...we were about to leave when she told us to hold on for a second--always a bad sign. She brought out some unidentified, grayish meat wrapped in plastic wrap. Sister King asked what it was. She said "고기" and pointed at her foot--pig feet! Yikes! She sat there and watched us eat it. It was really gross! Haha. And it was cold. She left the room for a second and I asked Sister King, "what should we do?" She said, "Pray!" then took a bite haha. We survived, but felt a little sick afterward. :)

Yesterday we ate at a member's house and had 떡볶이...There was a mysterious purple/gray meat in the dish...I found out later it was pig intestines! I ate pig feet and pig intestines this week! I was also served seaweed soup and mushed-up red beans. And I ate it all. It was quite a feat. I'm getting better at just eating whatever is put in front of me. haha.
we made christmas cards for people in our apartment complex :)

So...now for the MIRACLES!

We met with 신문정 for the first time in a month this week! She loves English and really likes the Book of Mormon, but doesn't know if she completely believes in God. We have had a really hard time getting her to pray at the end of our lessons, but she prayed! I told her at the beginning that we were going to ask her to pray at the end of the lesson and she got super nervous. We talked about how it's very simple and how we just tell God how we're feeling. Sister King demonstrated how to pray and she took notes. :) When the end of the lesson came, after a lot of encouraging, she said the most simple, but the sweetest prayer I have ever heard. Afterwards she said, "I did it!" It was an absolute miracle. I was so happy. 

One night we were planning on visiting a member, but when we got to her door, Sister King and I both felt like we shouldn't knock for some reason. We prayed about it, then decided not to visit. Instead, we took a bus to visit a lady we met in a convenient store a couple days earlier. She was working and we got an appointment for Saturday! Awesome! We taught her Saturday and she wants to meet three times a week--almost unheard of in Korea! This is truly the Lord's work.

Ana, our American investigator has tons of questions and is reading the Book of Mormon! She even said she'll get baptized when she comes to know this church is true! :) She's awesome!

we made christmas cards for people in our apartment complex :)I'm learning more and more everyday that I need to totally rely on the Lord. As we do our best to do so, the God lets us find people to teach. Whenever I feel discouraged, He is there. I love being able to devote all my time to the Lord. I love the gospel and just want to share it with everyone! I know the Book of Mormon is true. If you don't, read it and pray about it. Ask God. He is real. He will answer you.

Love all of you! Keep reading the scriptures and praying. 

Sister Naatjes :)

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