Sunday, October 19, 2014

This is really God's work!

Wow! What a week! so much happened and I learned so much!

This week we had lots of miracles~I'll tell you about a few of them!

Me with 신동현 and Chloe (a girl in our ward from Colorado!)
So about a month ago on a P-day we went shopping in a store called Art Box and I saw a foreigner, so I talked to her--she said she was from Slovenia and came to Korea to live for a little while. Her name is Ursula. She knew about our church and we talked a lot about religion. She had just gotten to Korea that week, so she didn't have a phone yet, so I didn't get her phone number. She gave me her email address, so I emailed her and she replied once, but then didn't reply to any more after that, so I thought she probably just didn't have interest.

Last Monday we got on the Subway and Ursula was there! She gave us her number and we set up an appointment for Sunday. We met Yesterday and it was a challenge to teach in English again, especially because my companion can't speak English, but it went pretty well. She has a return appointment for next week--I'm really excited!

my companions' shoes keep breaking, so she super-glues them almost everyday haha
It was super cool that we ran into her randomly again! Things like that happen all the time as a missionary. I know that it's not just a coincidence. This is really God's work!

This week we met with a young woman in our ward and her friend and taught them. The friend, 김민선 (kim min sun) wants to get baptized! We set a date for the 2nd of November. She has been to church 6+ times with her friend, so she has been pretty well prepared! She's really cute. 

신동현 (shin deong hyun), our recent convert who just got baptized a month ago is doing amazing! This week we met with her and she told us that her job that she was going to start next week (which initially told her she wouldn't have to work on Sundays) changed and said she would have to work 2 Sundays a month in the morning (during church). We were really worried about her because if she accepted the job it would be really hard for her to come out to church and to stay active. So we told her to pray about her decision...Later in the week we scheduled to meet with her again and prepared a lesson about decisions and trusting in God and His commandments and were really concerned. We met and as soon as we started teaching she said, "I decided not to take the job." Wow! She then bore her testimony about the lesson we were about to teach--that God is preparing better things for her and that He would bless her for keeping the Sabbath day holy. She's so amazing and has such strong faith! I'm so blessed to know her and learn from her example!

I know that this work is true with all of my heart. I know that this church is true. I am so grateful everyday to have a knowledge of this gospel and to be able to share it with others everyday! I feel so blessed. 

I love you all! Have an amazing week!! 

Sister Naatjes :)

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