Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hope you had a wonderful Easter! :)

Hello everyone! Hope you had a wonderful Easter! :)
Easter isn't really celebrated much here, but it was a beautiful, sunshiny day full of Easter miracles!

A few funnies:

There is a 85-year-old man in my new ward who is super funny and insists that I call him "Old Fogey" haha!!

We talked to a grandma outside of the church parking lot a couple days ago who was eating the craziest thing i've ever seen! They were black bugs in a bowl. She had a toothpick and would pull out the green guts with it and then loudly slurp the rest out afterward haha :) 

There's another grandma who lives really near the church and wanders in almost everyday. She came to our mission coordination meeting at the end and another missionary meeting. It's really funny. She talks loudly about her husband's name every time. She's the best!

On to the Easter miracles! When missionaries come to new wards in Korea, we always give a talk to introduce ourselves and I was pretty nervous, but I got up and was able to say what I wanted to. I'm finally getting to the point that I can express my thoughts in Korean. God is definitely helping me.

Also, two of our investigators came to church--A mom and her daughter--and they loved it! They are really amazing and so ready to receive the gospel!

So my new ward is combined with a little English branch which is pretty fun! a couple of people in the branch invited their Korean friend and we were able to get a referral from them! She was a really sweet lady with a cute little boy that I got to sit by in sacrament meeting. I kept the boy entertained during sacrament meeting and had some really tender experiences. I had a bunch of little Jesus pictures in my bag. The boy doesn't have any religious background and has never been to church so he was a little bit crazy, but as soon as we started looking at the pictures of Jesus, he became really reverent, leaned on my arm, and insisted that I explain each picture. I shed a few tears as I saw his innocent love for the Savior even though he had never been taught about Him before. 

I am so grateful to get to share the gospel each and every day--my testimony of the Savior grows each day. I know He loves His children. I know that He suffered and died for each of us, but that HE LIVES! He still lives! He strengthens me each and every day. [#BecauseofHim]

Love you all! 

Sister Naatjes

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