Sunday, April 13, 2014

I'm in my new area (둔산 와드) Daejeon

Some of my favorite people :)Hello!
What a week! So many changes! I'm in my new area (둔산 와드) I'm in Daejeon and I really love it. Sister Ensign (one of my favorite people ever) finished her mission this week. I was lucky to have gotten to live in the same house as her and serve with her for two transfers.

My new companion is great and is a hard worker! We're excited to see miracles together!

Some of my favorite people :)In my new area there are a lot of really strong members that I'm excited to start working with. There isn't much emphasis on missionary work, but my companion and I are excited to change that :)

Saying goodbye to my old investigators and members was really hard, but I had some really special moments and miracles.

I said goodbye to my 92-year-old Korean grandma the day before I left and it was hard! I told her that I had to leave and she said something along the lines of,
"I just was starting to love you and now you're leaving me?"
We sang a hymn to her and she just kept holding my hand and patting it. She asked when she would see me again and I told her I didn't know. I told her maybe in the Celestial Kingdom (heaven). I told her to find Heavenly Father and wait for me there. I got to testify to her that God loves her and that she would get to see Him again soon. I got to tell her I loved her.
She grabbed both of my shoulders, looked me in the eyes and said something like, "see your mommy and daddy, be healthy, get married, eat well..."
I got to say a prayer with her before I left. I held her hand and got close to her ear so she could hear clearly. I never want to forget that moment. I can't describe how I felt. I love that little grandma more than anything.
After the prayer she gave me a big hug with her frail, little arms and said, "사랑합니다" (that she loves me) and had tears in her eyes. I was so touched. I love my 봉임순 자매님.

Before I left I got to say goodbye to pak-yahng-soon too. We both cried. It was hard to leave, but I'm excited to be in this ward and love a new group of people!

A recent convert that I love! As I reflect on my time I served in Gwangju, the moments I remember most and that I think I will remember forever are the small, simple moments. I have gotten to serve a grandma, testify to a mother worried about her family that God loves her, hear a first prayer, hold a hand in sacrament meeting... God works through small and simple things. He cares about each and every one of His children. When we show love to them one by one, He lets us feel a taste of His love for His child and His love for us. I know that God loves me. I love Him too.

My 11-year-old investigator (he was cranky because he had to go to piano lessons haha)I know that this gospel is true. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know that through this gospel we can be with our families forever. Through ordinances and through keeping commandments we can have purpose in our lives and feel God's love more and more. We can become the people we want to be and can reach our potential--to return to our Heavenly Father again and to become like Him.

Love you all!
Sister Naatjes :)

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