Friday, September 20, 2013

Hey!! (Week 4)


I don't have much time to write today because I went with a sister to Urgent Care to get a CAT scan. She has been having kidney pains all week AND had bed bugs. Poor girl!

This week has been a really good one. I am growing closer to the Lord each and every day. I am learning more and more about his goodness and love for His children. 

I get to sing in the General Relief Society Conference next Saturday!! Watch for me on T.V. I'm really excited about it! I'm surprised I made the cut considering we filled out a survey with our choir experience and all I could put is that I have sung in ward choir before. I'm super excited about it! We get to go up to Salt Lake! Woo!

Our investigators (kuu-doh-jah-duhr) are doing pretty well. We are struggling a little bit with new vocab and sentences, but we're becoming more confident teaching in Korean. The sentence structure in Korean is totally different from English structure, so I have to think a lot before speaking each sentence. It's fun to bear my testimony to non-korean speaking missionaries because they think I'm good. haha. Someday I actually will be able to speak it well.

I've learned so much this week! We have talked about patience a lot this week which has been perfect! Learning Korean takes a lot of patience! We watched an Elder Uchtdorf talk called "Continue in Patience." He said,

"Continue in patience until you are perfected"

Patience refines us and makes us better. The Lord always keeps His promises. He will always help us. I will learn Korean as I work hard, am patient, and have faith. :)

I am the Lord's. He is my strength. As I try to forget myself and go to work, I find joy and happiness. I love the Lord and I am so excited to share the gospel with people in Korea! 


Sister Naatjes

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